Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wake me up with Your wake up call.

Lord God, I need a wakeup call…
Something that would make me realize that I am destined for greatness, that what I have now is nothing compared to what’s in store for me.
Awaken me from my belief that what I have now is enough; teach me to value tomorrow and the present time, for what I do each and every day will eventually lead me to my ultimate reality someday. Let me appreciate the worth of my actions today for it shall in due time, result to my future.

Let me overcome all my frustrations and surpass all my fears, for as You have said 356 times in the Bible, “We shall not fear.”

Inculcate in me the virtue of an obedient servant and man of God, instill in me the thoughts of the most righteous person, and lastly, make me stay pure in words, and in actions, so as I can say that I have been truly worthy of being called Your child.

Lord God, You have blessed me in ways unimaginable, You have loved me with a love far greater than anyone could ever give me, You have always been there for me, whether in good times or bad.

You are my savior Lord God, and I want to spend each day to glorify your name, to praise You, and to worship You, from the moment I wake up to the time when I close my eyes and sleep.

Thank You Lord God for always hearing my pleas, and sometimes even my complains…
My wakeup call is here, deep within my heart is a soul crying…

In me is a new and better person, I am now ready and equipped with my armor and faith as my shield… I am now ready to once again continue my journey towards greatness, to glorify You name oh Lord


I wanna be worthy of being called your daughter.
and I'm asking God's help. i need him as my inspiration and motivating force. Down this long and winding road called life.  July 31, 2010

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